Slow Motion Booth In Pittsburgh, PA

Slomo is the new rave for video booths. Our slow motion booths will allow you to make, well you guessed it, slow motion videos!

Slow-motion booths are a great way to mix it up on your guests. With these booths, we can offer a regular photo booth or a slow-motion booth. When your guest chooses slow motion for their activation they will be supplied with things to throw in the air and at the camera. You may be asking what types of things can they throw? We will supply you with fake money, confetti, and even bubbles to mention a few! Don’t worry about the mess, we bring everything needed to catch everything between shoots.

What It Comes With

Corporate activations

Our Requirements for Setup

  1. 15’x15’ space with at least 7.5’ height
  2. One 110V/15 amp plug
  3. Access to the venue 1 hour prior to the start of your event
  4. $250 deposit for all non-corporate clients. Corporate clients and schools are billed net 30.